IoT in Automotive Industry in the future.

The future is brighter for Automotive industry after embracing Internet of Things (IoT). Within next 4 to 5 years, the impact of IoT in Automobile industry will be spent above 250 billion dollars that have been predicted by Business Insider.

IoT in Automotive industry, adds an advanced layer to the traditional car concept that creating a standard structure from traditional to smart cars by making use of latest IoT technologies. Below are the things how IoT boosting & helping the automotive industry,

Vehicle’s Owner safety is the first and foremost concern for IoT enabled smart vehicles. Safety can be ensured by implementing Software Development Kits into hardware like data transmitters, sensors or vehicle control units.

Moving on to predictive maintenance, user needs to know how healthy his vehicle is. Smart vehicles make use of data collected from vehicle sensors, health monitoring on real-time basis, scheduling automated maintenance, usage of seatbelts, anti-drowsiness solutions, in-lane position control mechanisms etc.

Automotive IoT encourages implementation of end-to-end fleet management by leveraging in-vehicle data collection, in-cloud data management and user analytics, and many more. Fleet Management solutions target at connected sensors, location tracking and scheduling, speed control, fuel tracking, usage analytics, driver and fleet management, traffic management and sometimes even workload management.

The main advantages of using IoT in cars are:

1. Optimized maintenance and logistics

2. Ability to monitor driver performance and vehicle status for better safety and fuel consumption

3. Scheduled preventative maintenance to improve vehicle valuation

Telematics is one of the major automotive IoT use case because it itself controls navigation, security, safety, communications etc. It also supports easy roadside assistance and informing a certain set of contacts during accidents & emergencies and increasing infotainment.

IoT has already proven itself to be best utilized in different areas of the automotive sector. Here are some of the most interesting things for smartphones that are connected to the IoT in this area:

Predictive maintenance. With the help of feedback about the technical condition of the car received through the smartphone, users can solve problems with the technical units in the car before the emergency condition or before the appearance of these problems as such.

Real-time monitoring. IoT allows us to exchange data between the manufacturer and car owners, or make maintenance decisions in real time through any mobile device. This speed up the maintenance and production processes throughout the life cycle of the vehicle.

Cognitive information to manage. The manufacturer can monitor all the connected vehicles directly via smartphone, as they are all in one network and always available for data transfer.

Let’s see what all comes your way along with super experience of connected smart cars. Communication between cars, or vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), is part of smart infrastructure technology in automobile. This is purposeful communication between all connected cars and IoT services.

What is the goal in creating V2V interaction? First thing is, prevention of accidents. Vehicles share data about the speed, location, and route through a single network. Depending on how the logic of the system is arranged, either the driver can receive a warning about a possible emergency situation, or the system will take pre-emptive actions in the form of slowing down the car, which will protect from a collision. Also, Automotive IoT comes with remote auto-companion apps, in-car infotainment apps, city navigation, location-based services, drive assist apps, car-on-demand services, usage-based insurance, remote diagnostics, car security services for better interactions with the connected smart cars. Are you looking for the best IoT Development Partner for your automobile industry?

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