Over the last one year, however, advances in Chatbot technologies have transformed workflows across many enterprise functions, including the HR department.

How Chatbot improves the way HR team works?

Chatbot for HRM is a holy grail that combines task automation along with enabling a single, and seamless interface that requires a low learning curve for anyone on your team. More importantly, it provides a completely customized experience for each employee. To resolve an employee query, generate a report or build a business case, typically HR goes through an average of 5-10 systems. A Chatbot-powered HRM, on the other hand, functions as a seamless cohesive unit that makes it easy for everyone to pull out information or execute tasks by just raising a simple request.

Secondly, it helps prioritize your strategic work. Imagine a team of 5 HR employees servicing hundreds of employees with an incessant stream of sundry queries: “what is my leave balance?”, “how do I reimburse my health cards?”, and so on. How much time are you left with to address serious grievances around advisories, harassment or crisis situations? This is missing the trees for the woods. By focusing on low value tasks, you give complex tasks a go-by, which ultimately bogs down the employee experience. Chatbot helps HR teams attend to some serious work by taking their tasks can be easily handled by an automated chatbot solution.

Today, from medium to large organizations are very particular about where they want HR teams to act as human touch points and where they want employees to self-serve.

Below are some of the main activities which fall under Chatbot’s influence.

1.End-to-end onboarding process

A HR chatbot can make end-to-end onboarding process effective and engaging. An interactive assistant can help the HR department collect necessary information. The new recruit could be given a quick start guide helping him/her understand more about the organization, products, clients and the overall culture.

2.Help to check leave balance

Consider this: an employee has to know his leave balance and he is on the road. He has to put up an email or login into any application to check the leave balance. All these functions are time-consuming and tedious. But with Chatbot integrated into your HR system, he can simply ask the bot via text or voice command and access his leave balance in real-time. Just like a human HR a bot can understand the urgency through its sentiment skills and answer the queries without extending waiting hours of the user or handoff to real HR with the entire history and context in case of not understanding the intent of the user.

3.Self-assessment processes

HR Chatbot could also be used in improving other aspects of performance review like the self-assessment processes. Instead of just relying on the traditional self-assessment forms, an AI-powered interactive assistant can give an employee a conversational experience. Reminders to employees for Goal settings or filling up the appraisal forms can be easily delegated to these HR bots. 

4.Fast FAQs Answers

A number of times your colleague or HR must have answered the same question. And creating a dedicated application for answering FAQs on company policies and processed is expensive. But with HR bots coupled with AI and machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), your company can have an assistant answering your queries in real time. 

5.Instant Compliance Tasks

HR team must address new codes and ensure your business runs safely and legally, from the start. How a business communicates this and enforces it, effectively is equally important.

Chatbot can be trained to send alerts for anything from new state regulations to approaching deadlines to your busy HR team. It can also be trained to alert employees of any outstanding items or new information that can directly affect them. It can personalize this information based on information captured in onboarding.

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