Looking to streamline the legal submission process? Look no further than Nexi by Rattle Tech! This innovative platform is changing the game for District Attorneys’ offices and law enforcement agencies by offering an online Law Enforcement Submission Portal that reduces inaccuracies, missing information, and inconsistencies that are common with traditional physical file submissions. With Nexi, submitting case files is a breeze. It allows you to easily attach supporting documents such as case narratives, PDFs, images, audio, and video files. Plus, it significantly reduces filing time by 50%, thanks to automated data entry and filing recommendations. Nexi provides automated notifications and reasons for filing rejections, making it easy to keep track of your submissions. And with safe electronic storage of all files, you can trust that your data is secure. This powerful platform can also integrate with your existing case management systems, making it an easy addition to your existing workflow. It’s time to revolutionize the legal submission process with Nexi by Rattle Tech. Request a demo today and see for yourself how Nexi can transform your department’s workflow.

Posted on June 6, 2024 by Admin