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Community Engagement & Issue Reporting App for Cities – myOntario

  • Stay informed and connected with your city through the community engagement and issue reporting app. With real-time updates on city information, events and activities, you’ll never miss a beat.
  • Quickly and easily report any issues to get them resolved. Explore city locations with the help of Bluetooth beacons and stay on track, no matter where you go.
  • Available on both iOS and Android devices.”



  • Smart City Air Quality Solution: The Cloud Application.
  • Get real-time air quality data from thousands of carbon-nanotube sensors with this innovative solution. Store, manage, and access the data securely in the cloud with the power of the AWS IoT platform.
  • Make informed decisions and improve air quality in your city with this cutting-edge technology.”


End-to-End IoT Solution for Smart Homes & Buildings

  • Smart Homes and Buildings Reimagined with our End-to-End IoT Solution.
  • Gateway: Node.js application to control Zigbee, Z-Wave and Philips Hue devices with ease.
  • Smartphone app: Monitor and control devices from anywhere.
  • Cloud application: Server-less architecture with AWS Lambda and Mosquitto MQTT broker for real-time control over the internet. Upgrade your home or building today.
  • Real-time Dashboard for Connected Car Subsystems Provisioning of certificates Firmware updates Display of telematics data Cloud application using Angular JS + MQTT + MongoDB + NodeJS


Get a dedicated team for your IT projects with our model. Collaborate with a skilled and knowledgeable team for long-term success. Save 35-70% compared to traditional models, with no recruitment or administrative costs. Ideal for startups, evolving tech businesses, and long-term projects. Seamlessly integrate with your team and achieve your goals. Contact us to understand your requirements, create an agreement, and onboard your dedicated team today.


Computer vision, the study of how computers interpret digital images & videos, revolutionizes various industries. Retail, e-commerce, education, automotive, healthcare, and manufacturing benefit from its improved security, better diagnosis tools, better customer service, and cost reduction. At Rattle Tech, we offer computer vision development services to help companies enhance their performance and achieve success. Contact us today to leverage the power of computer vision!