How IoT Changes Our Future Lifestyle

Internet of Things (IoT), many industries have already implemented this technology, which offers benefits for individuals and businesses alike. While IoT has been trending for some time, it is going to take on a more significant role in this current digital world, impacting our lives on a previously unprecedented scale. Here are the top three hottest IoT trends to keep your eye on right now.

1. Our cities are getting smarter.

Cities are adopting IoT technologies to make their communities more accessible, efficient and safe. People are migrating to cities for better employment prospects and more diverse lifestyles, and IoT technologies will better allow cities to adapt to this growth. IoT devices use city-wide sensors and meters to collect data and use the acquired information to build better infrastructure and offer necessary public services.

The European Union have spent above 350 million euros specifically for the implementation of smart cities. United States cities fall behind those in Europe when it comes to the implementation of smart technology; however, cities across the country will likely use more IoT based technologies over the next few years.

2. Our homes & buildings can be control remotely.

As like, IoT is the important technology for the creation of “smart cities,” IoT devices are also creating “smart homes & smart buildings.” Now it’s easy to set-up most appliances and control them remotely through the internet. Google Nest, for example, automatically controls heat and hot water, and the company has even produced smart smoke detectors and security cameras.

Many entrepreneurs are also making investments in new IoT companies as they continue to innovate in their respective business industries. For sample, Chefling recently raised $2.5 M in series funding for the smart kitchen assistant. As a result, Chefling will be integrated into the Home Connect system and help consumers to automate cooking and receive access to personalized recipes based on what’s available in the kitchen at the time, dietary restrictions and other preferences.

3. Retail industries embrace IoT for better customer satisfaction.

Retail businesses across the country are going to use IoT, both for online purchases and with brick-and-mortar shopping. IoT devices will allow retailers to determine how long consumers spend interacting with products and can collect data about in-store foot traffic. All of this information lets businesses decide which products are best suited for their customers and create experiences suited specifically for their audience.

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