But engaging with local governments hasn’t always been a smooth and easy process. A lack of local news options, poorly maintained municipal websites, or the absence of public gathering spaces frequented by the community can each contribute to a lack of awareness of what’s happening in your backyard. To keep people connected, cities of all sizes should adopt new methods of keeping citizens engaged in order to continue fostering a greater sense of community.

An online community engagement platform makes it easy for cities to efficiently and effectively reach local citizens. Built for community-centric engagement, a mobile-friendly community engagement platform enables users to share important community information, manage and report local issues, and reach others through social media.

Whether your city is a bustling metropolis or a sleepy small town, citizens tend to share the same basic needs. Knowing whether the library is closed on a particular weekend, which dog park doesn’t require a leash, and if there are any upcoming special events are among the many common questions members of all communities seek answers to.

Through a mobile-first, cloud-based platform, online community engagement software allows municipalities to share important local news and alerts, information about parks and facilities, and contact details for local administrative services. Smart city management software also makes it easy to file real-time 311 reports to address issues such as graffiti or potholes.

By giving citizens access to an easy-to-use community engagement application, community members will be able to stay connected around-the-clock to important and relevant information about what’s happening in their own backyard. No matter your town’s population, making it simple to keep informed, report issues, and connect with other community members can make your city a better place to live.

Civita App, the mobile civic engagement platform, makes it simple for community members to access local information and connect with local governments, utilities, and organizations. No matter the size of your city, Civita App offers a simple and affordable out-of-the-box solution that easily integrates with existing internal systems, third-party solutions, and social media accounts.

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